The Dream: A Story of Love

Welcome to the official website of The Dream - a novel about a teenage girl's first encounter with love, her loss, and her dreams of having it back.
They say that the first time you fall in love is the same moment that someone will break your heart.

Novel Synopsis

I dreamed of having him back, the note scribbled in the dream’s list.

Turning twenty six, maritime bachelor Drake is back in his hometown in San Carlos town for his two-month leave and now organizing his week-long birthday celebration on the beach. At twenty three, a senior writer named Leah planning for an out-of-the-city vacation to escape from various projects is being haunted by her dreams about the guy she lost six years earlier.

Without a clue, their common friend Earl come to think of letting their different paths cross again; this time, both of them already know the value of maturity and commitment.

Lyra, together with her dreams, went to San Carlos town to meet with friends and caught off guard with the image of a guy – the man in her dreams. Thus a faithful love that has been buried for years may resurrect, and perhaps, somehow, it will work out for the second chance – in reality, or in dreams.